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10pcs Descaling Agent for Coffee Machines and Kitchen Accessories

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10pcs Descaling Agent for Coffee Machines and Kitchen Accessories

Why descaling your espresso machine is important:

Many people use the terms “cleaning” and “descaling” interchangeably, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Descaling is to rid something of built-up calcium and mineral deposits in your machine that collect over time due to continual use of water. Descaling tablets keeps your machine from getting clogged, malfunctioning, and even broken, extending the life and value of what is probably your most used appliance in your kitchen.

Economical & Easy to use:

These tablets are so efficient and easy to use, anyone can descale an espresso machine and it only take a few minutes out of your day. Each espresso machine is different when it comes to how to descale the machine, so make sure you follow along the directions that came with your product.

How to use:

Most machines can use (1) tablet. The process is easy and it will make an easy cleaning experience but be sure to check your machines individual instructions because the process will vary from machine to machine. If using with a coffee pot, french press or similar device you can use 1 tablet with hot water until disolve and rinse until clean.